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Colin Cowherd: How the Denver Nuggets Saved Their Season

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Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd discuss the the Western Conference semifinals series between the Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves, and detail how Denver astonishingly countered from an 0-2 series deficit to blast the T-Wolves both games in Minnesota.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why Denver was ultimately able to course-correct their previously doomed trajectory.

Colin Cowherd: “Minnesota was a top defensive team in the league. In the first two games the Nuggets were lethargic and not ready for the physicality, intensity, and relentlessness of the T-Wolves. The underdogs came in, threw a big punch and knocked Denver down. 
But then they got three full days off and they heard from people like us say how ‘bad’ they are, they’re ‘cooked’, they’re ‘terrible’... Then you got coaches editing up clips and they're showing the team in a reel over and over... Denver re-booted. They’re the much more talented offensive team with much more offensive skill. All those guys can drop 30 on any night. They re-booted and turned a defensive series into a ‘who’s more skilled?’ series. The series now looks like a mismatch. It went from defensive intensity in the first two games to offensive skill -- and outside of Ant, Minnesota really can’t match up. Minnesota was not a great offensive team this year. Ant has become a great offensive player, but Karl-Anthony Towns has been hit-or-miss his entire career although he’s very gifted.
There was nothing inherently wrong with Denver when they were down 0-2, it just looked like they weren’t ready to play, and couldn’t match up physically. It shows how valuable coaching is. Denver is 0-10 when they score under 100 points. They might not be as good as Minnesota defensively, but they just had to get the offense right. They needed several days off, practice, and film work. They had to get the offensive cooking, most notably the Joker, who in the last two games has been unbelievable.  
We knew Minnesota was the better team defensively, but we also knew offensively Denver has four offensive players all capable and all in their prime; it just didn’t look like they were ready for the wrestling match in the first two games in Denver. 
The defensive team won the wrestling match in the first two. The last two games in Minnesota did not even look like the first two games in the series. My guess is, throughout the history of the league, a defensive-led team can win a lot of games, but it’s an offensive-skilled league and Denver now looks like they’re in control.”

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