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Jason Smith: Caitlin Clark Showed She Belongs

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Jason and Mike react immediately following Caitlin Clark's highly-anticipated WNBA regular season debut. The 22-year-old scored 20 points, but also gave up 10 turnovers. While the guys foresee the public's general opinion being that she struggled, Jason thinks the rookie actually showed something else: she very much belongs.

Jason Smith: "It was an okay debut. It wasn't as awful as people are going to make it out to be. It was a rough-ish debut, but the big thing I can say is that the game is not too much for her. Everyone can take a big sigh of relief. That was the one thing, was 'is the WNBA gonna be too much for her?' Caitlin Clark tonight: 20 points, 10 turnovers. Not a great night, but she led Indiana in scoring and she was able to hit four threes... She looked like she belonged."