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Rich Davis Does Not Care About Caitlin Clark's Debut

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Covino and Rich look ahead to Caitlin Clark's highly-anticipated WNBA debut. While Covino is excited to see the collegiate superstar finally make the jump to the pros, Rich is at the complete other end of the spectrum, thinking the general public will move on from the Clark phenomenon within a month.

Steve Covino: "I'm not a big women's college basketball fan and I'm not a big WNBA fan, but I am very excited to see how her talent translates... I wanna see what the story's gonna be -- did she stink it up or did she light it up? I'm gonna be tuning in!"
Rich Davis: "To me [it's like how] every time an NFL draft happens, everyone's really excited week one or two, like 'what's Bryce Young gonna look like? What's Anthony Richardson gonna look like?'... Look, I'm rooting for the WNBA and women's sports -- I hope they make that money and I hope people watch. I'm just saying, tonight all eyes are on Caitlin Clark... But I just wonder, [a month from now], are you gonna watch an Indiana Fever game on a Tuesday night? My thought is no."