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Rob Parker: The Lakers Will Regret Acquiescing to LeBron

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Chris and Rob discuss recent reports that JJ Reddick is among the favorites to land the Lakers head coaching job, along with reports that the team intends to draft Bronny James in the second round of the NBA draft. While Chris doesn't view this as a sign that the Lakers are necessarily beholden to LeBron James, Rob sees it as a clear-cut indicator that the 39-year-old star is "running the franchise."

Rob Parker: "I got a message for Jeanie Buss and the Lakers: Stop the madness! You will regret this! What are the Los Angeles Lakers doing turning over its franchise to LeBron James, who, by all accounts, won't win [another championship]?... You will regret allowing this franchise to be run like a mom and pop store! This is the Los Angeles Lakers, not some Mickey Mouse franchise! Some of the greatest players who ever played have worn this uniform... The notion of JJ Reddick being at the top of your list... It's one thing if it's the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay taking a flier, but the Lakers? Stop it!"