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Rob Parker: "Caitlin Clark is DEAD ON ARRIVAL from the WNBA!"

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Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to Caitlin Clark’s season debut in the WNBA and debate whether or not the WNBA finally has found its messiah or if Clark’s debut was a complete flop!

Rob Parker: “If you are a WNBA fan, hierarchy, or commissioner and you had the dream and goal that Clark would turn the league around, well I have news for you!  Her WNBA debut was a FLOP and Caitlin Clark is DEAD ON ARRIVAL from the WNBA... both for how she played and the WNBA TV numbers!”
Chris Broussard: “ It was the highest rated WNBA game in 23 years! All the other top games were in the 1990's and that’s when the league was fairly new, and there was a curiosity of the league too,  games were on NBC and national television not cable TV!”