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Charles Barkley Has No Idea What’s Going to Happen and He Isn't Happy

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TNT NBA Analyst, Charles Barkley joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show to talk about the uncertainty surrounding the future of the NBA on TNT. He has been listening to sports talk content because he is completely in the dark about what the plan is, especially after hearing that TNT is getting into the college football broadcasting business. He is worried for the entire production team and says morale is low.

Charles Barkley: “We don’t have zero idea what’s going to happen. I don’t feel good; I’m not going to lie, especially when they came out yesterday and said we bought college football. I was like; well damn, they could’ve used that money to buy the NBA...and I’m like; wait a minute, shouldn’t we be spending every dime we got to keep the NBA? So, morale sucks to be honest with you Dan.”