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Drama & Rivalries are GOOD for Caitlin Clark & the WNBA

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On today's edition of Covino & Rich, the guys are LIVE from the Graduate Hotel in Tempe, Arizona and they discuss Angel Reese's now deleted tweet after a Chicago Sky win which seemed like it was taking a shot at Caitlin Clark, and how drama or some type of feud within the WNBA is actually a good thing. 

Rich Davis: "The minute Angel Reese and other women within the WNBA stop chirping and talking about Caitlin Clark, NOBODY will care. You need that drama. You need people talking smack, along with competition and rivalries."
Steve Covino: "Drama helps, and Angel Reese is trying to say 'Hey I'm packing arenas, I'm popular' And this could also just be a shot at the media, not just Caitlin Clark. I will argue that we only know some of these young stars BECAUSE of Caitlin Clark."