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It’s a New Day in College Athletics

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The Dan Patrick Show: 5/24/2024

The NCAA reached an agreement to settle three pending federal antitrust lawsuits totaling billions of dollars and it has heralded a new era in college athletics. Dan reached out to college sports insider Pat Forde to get the details, and more importantly, try to understand exactly what happened and what it means for the future of the NCAA. Forde breaks it all down and explains that, for the first time, schools will now be able to pay their athletes directly instead of relying on N.I.L. collectives or boosters.

Pat Forde: “It is a new day in college athletics Dan but, you know, this is kind of another step along the way to a bunch of new days; but what it basically means is that schools can actually themselves pay athletes. That’s the new dynamic here as opposed to trying to farm it out to a collective, or pretending you’re not involved in whose going to get paid what, or just flat out boosters paying athletes under the table.”