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It's Time For Anthony Edwards To Be A Professional Athlete

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Dan Beyer: “We're laughing at him being asked ‘What's your favorite Popeyes order? Where do you rank their fries?’ You know, you get McChickens and 21 bags of Chester hot fries a week. Like all of that is funny...until you're gassed in the fourth quarter of a must win game in the Western Conference Finals. That's why I say: Anthony Edwards, it's time to become a professional. What GOATs do we look at and say, ‘you know what, they could have gotten more out of their career?’ Maybe, maybe, Tiger Woods without the scandal and injuries. But you are never questioned his work ethic. You were never questioning Michael Jordan's work ethic. You're never questioning LeBron James' work ethic. You're never questioning Tom Brady's work ethic. You're never questioning that if you're gassed in the fourth quarter like Anthony Edwards is now...that's why Anthony Edwards needs to be a pro. Anthony Edwards needs to grow up to become the great one that he could possibly be.” 

Kerry Rhodes: Yeah, it's always ‘you live by the sword, you die by the sword.’ The stuff that we respect about him, and admire about him, his openness, his candidness. It's great. But in the same breath, those words can be the reason that we pick them apart as well.”  

On this edition of Fox Sports Sunday with Dan Beyer and Kerry Rhodes, Dan and Kerry discussed Wolves star SG Anthony Edwards recent performances, with Dan tying Edwards sluggish performances as of late to his well documented poor eating habits, and why it's time for Edwards to step up and be a professional athlete.