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A Divorce is Brewing Between Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy

Is Aaron Rodgers putting out signals of a potential divorce in the Green Bay Packers organization between him and Mike McCarthy? Colin Cowherd says that Rodgers leads the league in throwaways which is usually a quarterback not seeing a receiver open enough to risk a throw so they get rid of the ball towards a receiver but angled out-of-bounds (or at their feet) to avoid a sack/interception and retain field position at the line of scrimmage. Rodgers is on pace to reach 70+ throwaways this year, and Cowherd thinks this may be a message towards McCarthy that the plays being called are inadequate. Pair this up with Rodgers visibly looking miserable and frustrated on the bench, and you can only wonder what happens if the season ends up being a bust. 

Listen Below.

A Divorce is Brewing in Green Bay