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AAF is Proof Vince McMahon Should Not Invest in the XFL

The Alliance of American Football is set to fold as a chair would fold after Stone Cold Steve Austin smashed it on the head of Vince McMahon back in the 90s. It was an optimistic venture into territory fit to stand the test of time. AAF had the right personnel, channels to broadcast the content, and a product that made an adequate attempt to match what we see on the NFL level without much of the star power.

Unfortunately, finances were the biggest flaw in AAF's business model. Even when rescued by some strong financial backing, it still couldn't dig itself out of the hole which ended up looking even deeper when they couldn't come to terms with the NFLPA recently.

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker are baffled by this massive failure. Rob issues a warning to Vince McMahon that there's no replicating the sustaining model the NFL has put together, and he should consider taking that XFL money and saving it for his grandchildren.

Listen Below.

AAF is Proof Vince McMahon Should Never Invest in the XFL