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AAF Players Left Stranded Without a Place To Live

The situation with the Alliance of American football suspending operations continues to have wide-reaching problems for the most important assets of this woeful company, the players. It's bad enough they had shaky salary issues, but now this shut down has greatly affected their livelihoods.

According to a report from NBC Sports, players on short term deals didn't necessarily need long term housing, but AAF arranged hotels and apartments, kicked players out the moment the company folded.

..some of those players say the hotels and apartments the AAF arranged for them kicked them out just as soon as the AAF canceled its season.

Former NFL player and AAF radio host Rich Ohrnberger shared on twitter stories of players finding their belongings in the lobby of their hotels when the news came down.

Another AAF player, Anthony Manzo-Lewis reported that he was kicked out of his hotel with nowhere to go stating that the disorganization of this company was an understatement.

To top it off, any players who sustained injuries are on the hook for their own medical payments.

Gionni Paul posted this regarding breaking his arm and needing a place to live.

L.Joshua Frazier reported he's still stuck in Birmingham with his injury.

This is absolutely disastrous. It's a cautionary tale about starting these kinds of leagues. AAF seemed to be a place that ran like it was destined for success rather than running like a place with fear of failure. In theory, when you run on realistic fears, you should definitely have contingencies in place for situations like this.