Anthony Davis Will Not Sign Contract Extension With The Pelicans

Clay Travis gives his first reaction to Anthony Davis having no intention to sign a contract extension and his request for a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans.

Listen Below.

Here are Clay Travis' first thoughts on Anthony Davis' request for a trade from New Orleans:

If Anthony Davis believes that LeBron has got 2 years left at a high level, (and who knows, LeBron obviously has a serious injury now) isn't he potentially just going to the Lakers and ending up on a team that doesn't have the ability to compete at a high level in a couple of years anyway too?

I understand 100 billion percent why it makes sense to LeBron James to try to bring in Anthony Davis...I don't understand why a younger guy would think it makes a lot of sense to go play with the Lakers because LeBron James is a declining asset.

As great as you think LeBron James is, is he gonna be great when he's 36 years old? Maybe, but he'd be the first great 36-year-old player in the history of the NBA.

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