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Antonio Brown Cited For Driving Over 100 MPH In Pittsburgh

They finally found someone who could catch speedy Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, Antonio Brown.

Unfortunately for the team, it wasn’t an opposing teams CB; it was the local PD.

That’s because the Steelers wideout was cited yesterday morning after he allegedly drove over 100 mph on Pittsburgh streets.

WPXI of Pittsburgh reports that Brown was driving a black Porsche—although I’m guessing they couldn’t tell what the make was until after they stopped him going at that speed—and was charged with reckless driving after speeding past an officer.

A Steelers spokesman said the team is aware of the situation and is gathering information.

And while they were doing that, Brown and the Steelers were gathering yards against the Panthers in a 52-21 blowout win last nightwhere Brown had six catches for 96-yards, most coming on a 53-yard TD on which Brown burned a Panthers defender.

Incidentally, those 52 points were the most ever scored against the Panthers—meaning Brown started the day with a violation but ended the night violating the Panthers.

Source: ESPN