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Bret Hart Attacked During WWE Hall of Fame Speech (Video)

Want to know the biggest mistake you can make in your short life on Earth...leave the barricade at a wrestling event and attack a wrestler. You know why? Because the ring is surrounded by supremely powerful wrestlers.

Bret 'The Hitman' Hart is one of the most renown and legendary wrestlers of the business. The man is massively respected by his peers and beloved by all those who aspire to be in the business. He's beloved by the people in the crowd, but one moronic individual had to do something so ridiculous, careless and downright unacceptable while the man was just trying to put a cap on a career filled with many highs but also some incredibly tragic lows. Here's the footage of the low-life in action:

The good news, like a champ, Bret Hart got right back up and continued his speech!