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Bruce Bowen Addresses Being Released By the LA Clippers

3 Time Champion with the San Antonio Spurs and NBA Analyst Bruce Bowen joined the Dan Patrick Show to talk in depth about using analytics in basketball today and Bowen being released by the Clippers. They start with the statements said by Daryl Morey the other day stating that LeBron James is the best player of all time by a wide margin, based on analytics. Bruce had a chance to play both LeBron James and Michael Jordan and shares his opinion as to why LeBron was a better talent. He also shares who was tougher to guard between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Finally, Bruce Bowen talks about why he was released from the Los Angles Clippers.

Bowen said the following:

"One thing I thought about in all of this is, Kawhi never said 'I want to play for the Clippers.' Kawhi said 'I want to play for the Lakers.' Unfortunately, if you're going to run your organization based on hopes...maybe...and getting rid of others...

Now again, if I tore him (Kawhi) down and I was disrespectful to him, that's one thing. But that's not the case; as an analyst, I'm supposed to talk about what I see and what I feel for this game that I love and so if you can't do that, what does that say about your (Clippers) organization."

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Bruce Bowen Discusses Being Fired by the Clippers

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