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Cardinals GM Steve Keim Talks Kyler Murray & Josh Rosen

Kyler Murray & Josh Rosen

Rich Eisen talks in depth with Arizona Cardinals GM, Steve Keim about the process that led to them selecting Kyler Murray as the #1 overall pick and eventually sending their former QB Josh Rosen to the Miami Dolphins.

Steve Keim on when Kyler Murray became their draft choice:

I didn't even watch him (Kyler Murray) until after the NFL Combine. I was very reluctant to evaluate the player because I was scared I was gonna fall in love with him. I'm a big Josh Rosen fan for a number of reasons so it was a difficult decision but in the end, Kyler Murray was too hard to pass up just because of the skill set he possesses.

Keim on why Murray fits:

The easiest transition is the fact that the offense that Kyler ran at Oklahoma is very similar to what Kliff Kingsbury runs. Lincoln Riley and Kliff know each other well. The time that we spent with the Oklahoma staff and with Kyler on the board...we didn't have any concerns.

Keim also talks about Kyler Murray's fallback sport of baseball and how there will be items in Murray's contract regarding the consequences/penalties of Murray attempting to return to Baseball during his NFL career.

Additionally, Keim addresses trading Josh Rosen and why the Dolphins were the best offer for the Cardinals to accept, plus how there was a possibility of keeping both quarterbacks.