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Charles Barkley Talks Biggest Storylines For This NBA Season

NBA Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley calls into the Dan Patrick Show to talk about several topics. Although they start with Ohio State Football and the Nick Bosa situation, it then transitions to what transpired in the NBA last night. The NBA season opened with the Philadelphia 76ers facing off against the Boston Celtics followed by the Oklahoma City Thunder against the Golden State Warriors. After suffering a tough loss to the Celtics, the Sixers seem far from being considered a rival and this prompted Dan to say the following about Markelle Fultz: 

"I feel bad for Fultz for many reasons but one is, every time the Sixers play the Celtics, the Sixers are looking at Jayson Tatum and going 'That's right, we traded up to get the number 1 pick and bypassed Jayson Tatum.'"

Barkley Responded to this saying:

"Let's not give up on Fultz. It's so funny these talking heads...2 years ago everybody was talking about Jared Goff being a bust. Now they're like, 'uh oh, maybe we overreacted'...Markelle Fultz has played one game this season. Let's give him a chance...It's a long season..."

Barkley on the Biggest NBA Storylines

"The Eastern Conference is the biggest story. You've got the 3 teams in the east:

  1. The Celtics have so much talent, you don't know how it's going to work. People think since you have all that talent, its just going to flow. It's not going to flow.
  2. You've got Toronto who's really good but does Kahwi Leonard want to be in Toronto or is he just paying his dues until next year when he can go to the Clippers or the Lakers.
  3. And Then you got the Sixers...Ben Simmons is unbelievable but unless they get something from Markelle Fultz, they can't beat the Celtics or Toronto."

Dan and Barkley continue from there talking the Lakers:

What kind of team are the Lakers? Are they going to let those young guys play or are they going to put those old guys out there? Those old guys are not their future. Ball, Kuzma, Brandon Ingram...that's their future. So I don't know what the Lakers are doing...

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Watch the full interview below.