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Chris Broussard to Philip Rivers: Tom Brady IS The Greatest QB of All-Time

Tom Brady and Philip Rivers

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers discussed quarterback legacies in the NFL on The Dan Patrick Show, particularly how the media judges the ‘Greatest of All Time’ when it comes to quarterbacks winning Super Bowls.

Dan Patrick: “It’s weird how we try to assess greatness at the quarterback position. If you look at playoff wins and Super Bowls, Brady has to be the best of all time but then I keep hearing ‘AARON RODGERS, GREATEST QUARTERBACK OF ALL TIME’, and I’m going ‘Well, wait, he only has one Super Bowl?’ How do you think quarterbacks should be judged?”
Philip Rivers: “I remember when the Patriots beat the Seahawks when the Patriots had the interception at the goal line to give Brady his fourth championship…Everyone was saying that NOW he’s the greatest of all time. I already thought he was the greatest of all time but because they intercepted the pass he’s NOW the greatest of all time? If the Seahawks just ran it in and had won, Brady would have played the same exact game and didn’t do anything different. I don’t look at that [amount of rings] so that’s why I always think Marino is in the mix too [for greatest QB ever]. You can’t just go off that [number of Super Bowls] in this sport.”

Chris Broussard, who is usually joined by Rob Parker, was able to fly solo due to technical difficulties and went on a rant disputing Philip Rivers' comments.

Chris Broussard: "I'm just gon' to keep it 100. In fact, I'm gonna keep it 150. If I were a great quarterback like Phil Rivers and hadn't won any Super Bowls, I'd take that approach as well. 'This is the ultimate team sport so you can't judge these guys on Super Bowls. Dan Marino IS the greatest we've seen throw it, and he didn't win a Super Bowl but I still, think he's the GOAT.' That elevates my position. Just like if I'm LeBron James, I'm gonna downplay the number of NBA Finals losses I got. 'Jerry West is the logo and lost his first seven trips to the finals!' It elevates MY position and decreases the criticism I might receive for losing five finals or in Philip Rivers' case, for NEVER reaching the Super Bowl. I get where he's coming from, and there's some legitimacy to what he's saying."
Broussard Continues: "My contention is that Tom Brady is INDEED the GOAT. Tom Brady is the greatest QUARTERBACK of all time, PERIOD. He is NOT the greatest FOOTBALL PLAYER of all time. But he's got the championships, and he's got the individual accolades to be the greatest quarterback."

Chris Broussard goes on to explain how he hadn't even given Brady the nod even after securing his first three Super Bowl Championships in his first four years starting for the New England Patriots. Broussard believes everything changed in 2007 when Brady had Randy Moss at wide receiver.

Hear the full take in the video below as Broussard faces off against several callers aiming to dispute his claim.