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Colin Cowherd's 'Buy, Sell Or Hold' For October 10, 2018

Colin Cowherd plays the role of a stockbroker and is presented with several narratives below that are circulating in the sports world. Colin will decide if he Buys, Sells or Holds on the following:

  • Patrick Mahomes will account for more yards than Tom Brady on Sunday
  • Drew Brees will win another Superbowl before Aaron Rodgers
  • Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons will miss the playoffs
  • Travis Kelce is a better TE than Rob Gronkowski
  • Green Bay Packers Will Not Make the Playoffs
  • The Eagles Will be the 4th Superbowl Champion in the last 7 years to miss the playoffs.

Hear the results in the audio below.

The Herd: Buy, Sell, or Hold for October 10th 2018