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Colin Cowherd Says Chris Paul To The Miami Heat Could Work

Colin Cowherd Says Chris Paul To The Miami Heat Could Work

The trade went down that sent Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets, and in exchange, the Oklahoma City Thunder agreed to take on the bloated contract of Chris Paul as well as a bunch of picks. Frankly, most people don't expect Chris Paul to stick around on a squad that has no aspirations of competing next season while he ages into retirement.

Colin Cowherd makes the point (in the audio above) that Miami Heat should consider pursuing the aging veteran point guard saying:

Colin Cowherd: Chris Paul's contract is awful. I don't think it's as bad as John Wall's, but it's bad. But if I was Miami, I'd go buy the contract. Miami right now is in NBA quicksand. They're 17th. This is Miami: there's a lot to do, it's a distracted market. It's like Los Angeles in that boring and okay doesn't work. You've gotta be interesting. Jimmy Butler and Chris Paul is interesting. People may say: "Colin, they won't get along, perfectly." No...this is not E-Harmony...You're making the deal for two reasons: Chris Paul and Jimmy Butler will be interesting, and you can reboot quicker.

Cowherd breaks it down further in the audio above.