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Colin Cowherd Says Clippers Have No Excuses To Be Mediocre

Colin Cowherd Says Clippers Have No Excuses To Be Mediocre

Clippers beat out the Toronto Raptors and Los Angeles Lakers to secure the biggest free agent in Kawhi Leonard along with the surprise acquisition, Paul George. Colin Cowherd explains (in the audio above) how this team's incredible roster improvement also brings giant expectations.

Colin Cowherd: For the first time, the Clippers have joined the High Expectation Club. No more losing in the second round because that's no longer acceptable anymore. You're no longer the feel-good team of the NBA. You have to be the really good team in the NBA. Las Vegas says you're the best NBA team. A Western Conference finals appearance will not do, my friends. You have Kawhi and Paul George, the number 1 and number 2 efficiency players in the league, the best two-way players.

...Here's what's interesting. If it doesn't work out, are we gonna hammer on them? We all hammer on LeBron when he changes teams. And you keep telling me Kawhi Leonard is the best player in the NBA now. You always bang on LeBron if he goes to a team and doesn't win a title. You banged on him in Miami his first year. You banged on him in Cleveland his first year. You banged on him in his first year on the Lakers...

It's been fun for the Clippers forever but don't kid yourself. Taylor Swift has more banners in the Staples center than the Clippers. That's their history, no expectations. The statues outside Staples are all LA Lakers or LA Kings, no Clippers. The Clippers rent the Lakers' building. They're the step-brother, they're the fun brother, but now you're the big dogs.