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Colin Cowherd's Quarterly NFL Awards

Now that we are a quarter of the way into the NFL season, Colin Cowherd has some recognition to give around the league. 

The HERD NFL Quarterly Awards Nominees:

  • The Best Team With a Losing Record

    • Pittsburgh Steelers
    • Atlanta Falcons
    • Minnesota Vikings
  • The Worst Team With a Winning Record
    • Chicago Bears
    • Miami Dolphins
    • Tennessee Titans
  • Frequent Colin Cowherd Target Who has Impressed Colin the Most
    • Baker Mayfield
    • Cam Newton
    • Joe Flacco
    • Jon Gruden
  • Best Player Without a Supporting Cast
    • Andrew Luck
    • Russell Wilson
    • Aaron Rodgers
  • Storyline Colin Cowherd is Most Tired Of
    • Brady VS Belichick
    • Le'Veon Bell
    • Rouging the Passer
  • Worst Decision
    • Khalil MackTrade
    • Bills Starting Nathan Peterman Week 1
    • Jimmy Garoppolo Dating an Adult Film Star

Watch the Video below to find out the winners.