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Criticism of Lamar Jackson is Not a Race Issue

 In an article from Sports Illustrated by Robert Klemko, Baltimore Ravens players Ty Montgomery and Jimmy Smith expressed their thoughts on having Lamar Jackson at the helm handling quarterback duties in their past two victories.

For now, teammates aren't picking sides publicly, but there's been a rallying around Jackson, the former Heisman winner whose humility and play has inspired passionate defenses of his skillset from around the locker room. "It's kind of hard to listen to the TV when they question his ability to throw the ball, because he can throw the ball," Montgomery said. “His running ability overshadows his arm for whatever reason, but you saw today he was putting throws on the money and trusting his instincts. They're always going to second guess him."

"Any black quarterback, especially with that type of speed, will get labeled that he can’t throw," Smith says, "but he can throw."

Chris Broussard explains how he would be the first to call out racism and even provides a couple of examples, but when it comes to the case of Lamar Jackson and his critics, it has little to do with race and more to do with Lamar Jackson's performance on the football field.

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Criticism of Lamar Jackson is Not a Race Issue