Did Rich Paul and LeBron Sabotage Marcus Morris' Deal With the Clippers?

Ben Maller: We're told that Marcus Morris and the people around him are incensed because of the agent (Rich Paul). They were clearly upset with Rich Paul enough to fire him because Rich Paul rejected a much bigger offer from the Los Angeles Clippers. Morris was offered a $41 million deal by the Clippers...the internet investigative arm has determined that the reason that Morris didn't sign with the Clippers was more about the underhanded work of LeBron James' henchmen.

Ben Maller (in the audio above) makes his case for why there may have been some shady business dealings with Klutch Sports.

A report by Yahoo sports stated that Marcus Morris missed out on a lucrative $41 million deal that would have had him join the Los Angeles Clippers. Reportedly, the deal was turned down. The report further speculates that perhaps Rich Paul may have overestimated Morris' value or that Morris was looking to reunite with his twin brother.

Whatever it is, Maller thinks there's a reason to believe that after LeBron James crossed paths with Morris on the court during his time with the Cavaliers, the last place James would like to see Morris is in LA. Was there some Kluch Sports sabotage in this deal? Listen above.

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