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Drew Brees Has Pushed Ahead Of Todd Gurley in the MVP Race

Rich Eisen is floored at the offensive display that New Orleans Saints' quarterback Drew Brees put on against the Los Angeles Rams who came into this battle at a perfect 8-0. Rams, on Saints territory, seemed to be going toe to toe with Brees on offense but mistakes and inconsistencies on special teams and defense caught up with the Rams and led to them being brought back down to earth in a 35-45 loss. 

Eisen said the following regarding Drew Brees: "He was absolutely spot on as you've never seen him before. He's as good as ever. The guy doesn't miss. The guy makes all the perfect reads. The guy doesn't make a bad play. He's phenomenal."

Listen Below as Eisen explains why there's a new MVP of the NFL.

Drew Brees Is The MVP.