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Drew Brees Talks Breaking The All-Time Passing Record

Colin Cowherd brings on New Orleans Saints' quarterback Drew Brees fresh off pushing ahead of Payton Manning to become the NFL's All-Time Career Passing Yardage Record holder. Drew Brees wasted no time crediting what got him to this moment:

"I felt like being drafted to the San Diego Chargers in the 2nd round was the best place for me because I had the chance to be an understudy to Doug Flutie who was one of my childhood role models."

Brees suffered an awful injury early on in his career, but it was a Sean Payton believing him that also paved the way for Brees to get to this moment:

"My confidence took a hit after that injury...I was told '8 months until you can throw and two years before you would feel normal,' yet here's Sean Payton looking me in the eye and saying 'You're my guy.'"

Brees also took time to appreciate playing for New Orleans:

"It was a calling to come to New Orleans. Sean Payton and I needed New Orleans as much as New Orleans needed somebody to believe in them. It was a perfect fit and match."

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