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Eli Manning's No-Trade Clause is Holding the Giants Hostage

Eli Manning has said on record that he has no plans to waive his No-Trade Clause within his contract with the New York Giants. This news comes off heels of the NFL's trade deadline which comes to a close 4 pm EST on October 30th. The Giants are now at a season record of one win and seven losses and currently coming out of NFL Sunday on a five-game losing streak. Ben Maller analyzes Manning's season so far and can only conclude that he is holding this team hostage. They may have issues in other places, but the quarterback play of Manning has been less than desirable for a team that had high hopes with a healthy Odell Beckham Jr. and a young home-run hitter in Saquon Barkley.

Ben Maller said the following regarding Eli Manning's performance this season:

"His quarterback rating is actually seven points higher than his career performance. In a year where everyone is saying: 'he needs to be benched,' 'he's terrible,' 'Eli Manning should not be the quarterback of the Giants,' he is actually playing better than his career average as a quarterback. That's a Hall of Famer?"

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Eli Manning Is Holding The Giants Hostage