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Giants' GM Dave Gettleman Needs To Stop Talking

One of the more interesting picks in the NFL Draft had to be the New York Giants who selected Duke alum, Daniel Jones. The pick was pelted with criticism and controversy from people saying that this player is far from ready to be groomed to relieve Eli Manning to this player was selected as a favor to the Manning family. It's all a bit strange. Here's a Giants team that parted ways with their elite wide receiver in Odell Beckham Jr. and have not one but two first round picks to make up that loss, and the best they could come away with was Daniel Jones and Dexter Lawrence.

Right on cue, it's been all about how the New York Giants can save face in the press with GM Dave Gettleman having to answer for his decisions. Dan Patrick feels however that if they really are confident about their decisions, it'd be best to stop talking. There's little to defend due to résumés' of the players selected, but it's also too soon to know what their NFL potential will be until they're tested.