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Grant Hill Talks Zion, Michael Jordan & Christian Laettner

2-Time National Champion with Duke and Hall of Famer, Grant Hill drops by The Dan Patrick Show to discuss in depth playing with former teammate, Christian Laettner, where Zion Williamson ranks on the greatest Duke players of all time, and Grant Hill's assessment of guarding Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant & LeBron James.

On playing alongside Duke teammate Christian Laettner, Hill said:

He was a great teammate. He was super competitive where EVERYTHING was a competition. Whose bag would come out first at the airport, who could see a squirrel first on campus...He was complicated in a lot of ways, but he was a great teammate...We had our moments. We fought all the time.

On Zion Williamson being the most talented Duke Player of all-time:

To think that this kid can come out and play at this level as a freshman...National Player of the Year, all the hype and attention on him as an 18-year-old...we never went through any of that. I was shielded by Laettner, Laettner was shielded by Ferry, Ferry was shielded by Johnny Dawkins. It was a different time.

Dan Patrick asks Hill: If Zion is 21 or 22 what kind of player is he in college?

He may be considered, not only the greatest Duke player but possibly the greatest of all time. You never know.

Listen to the full interview below.