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Has Aaron Rodgers Had a Disappointing Career?

Aaron Rodgers is coming off a defeat at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks which puts the Green Bay Packers at 4-5-1 for the season. Here's how the Packers are looking in the NFC North:

  • Bears 6-3
  • Vikings 5-3-1
  • Packers 4-5-1
  • Lions 3-6

At 3rd in their division and 8th in their conference, Packers' playoff hopes are looking slim at their 10th game of the season. Dan Patrick and the Danettes discuss what to make of Rodgers' career and the grim realization that his several years in the NFL with only one Superbowl under his belt must be disappointing considering how revered Rodgers is at that quarterback position.

Watch the discussion below.