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Hue Jackson Talks Hard Knocks and Relationship With Todd Haley

One of the major highlights from the Cleveland Browns' season was when they let HBO's cameras in on Browns' practices, meetings, etc. for "Hard Knocks" going into the 2018 season. When Colin Cowherd brought on the recently released coach from the Browns, Hue Jackson, Colin was curious about what Hue felt about having cameras everywhere before the season started.

Hue Jackson said the following:

Colin Cowherd: Did you push back on being on Hard Knocks?

Hue: When I looked at it, I didn't see it the way everybody else saw it. In real time, it was totally different. I think the optics of what people see is totally different than what really happens as it's happening. All that stuff that's put together...they're trying to tell a story and sometimes it can tell the wrong story."

Hue Jackson also explains an awkward exchange that was captured that may have shown a bad side of the relationship Jackson had with Todd Haley. 

Listen Below.

Hue Jackson on Hard Knocks