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Hue Jackson May Have Hurt Mayfield By Not Starting Him Early

The other day, Colin Cowherd had on the former Browns head coach Hue Jackson. Jackson along with former offensive coordinator, Todd Haley was fired by the Cleveland Browns for a lot of reasons but mostly the fact they didn't see eye to eye despite an improved team and brand new quarterbacks in Baker Mayfield and Tyrod Taylor. Hue Jackson had the following to say about Mayfield while he was on the show: 

"The guy is built the right way and if you're going to turn around an organization that has been losing, a guy has got to be able to handle that. You can't just walk in there...because all of the sudden you become what that organization is. I don't think he will ever let the organization (and what's gone on there) affect him. I think he will rise above it."

Doug Gottlieb has a lot of trouble understanding where Hue Jackson is coming from because Gottlieb witnessed Tyrod Taylor start in place of Baker Mayfield. Doug thinks that if the development of Mayfield were more focused on him starting early on, It would add more weight to the words that Hue Jackson is saying right now. 

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Hue Jackson's Action Speak Louder than His Words