It's Not Over For the New England Patriots Dynasty Yet

The New England Patriots are on a two-game losing streak within a season where they've been haunted by the narrative that they lack weapons to compete and father time is catching up with their quarterback, Tom Brady. The good news is Patriots face the two teams this weekend and the following weekend that don't stand a strong chance of defeating them. With the potential to be 11-5 at the end of the season, that should edge out their competition.

Yesterday, the substance abuse violation that their prominent wide receiver, Josh Gordon sustained was certainly a big loss for the team. Gordon had proven to be an effective wideout this season but also a risky acquisition for the Pats that ended up, unfortunately, living up to his reputation. 

Dan Patrick, however, would like to admonish you that counting out this Patriots team isn't the wisest. Patrick believes that the end of a sports dynasty is always hard to predict.

Listen Below.


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