It's Time To Give Up on Colin Kaepernick Returning to The NFL

Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith suffered a season-ending injury against the Houston Texans yesterday, and when these things happen this late in the season, everybody thinks about what move would be best for a team to make. While most teams have adequate backup quarterbacks, it always ends up being giant shoes to fill so the next best thing could be unsigned players who may still have some gas left in the tank who already proved they could do it in the big leagues but for whatever reasons are currently without a team. 

One thing, however, that Doug Gottlieb is sick of hearing when it comes to replacing injured quarterbacks is anybody mentioning the idea that Colin Kaepernick could step in. He believes that window has closed stating:

"When a wide receiver goes down, and you say they should bring Terrell Owens, I stop listening to you. When a running back goes down, and you think they should bring in Ray Rice, I stop listening to you. When a quarterback goes down, and you believe they should bring in Colin Kaepernick, I stop listening to. It's not that they weren't good, it's just because whatever window of opportunity they had to play in the NFL...That window is closed."

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