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Jerry West: The Clippers Can Compete With The Warriors

Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors - Game Two

Hall of Famer and LA Clippers Consultant, Jerry West calls into the Dan Patrick Show to discuss the recent success of the LA Clippers who stole a win from the Golden State Warriors by coming back from a huge deficit in game 2 of their NBA Playoffs series.

West marvels over the competitiveness of the Clippers saying:

Some things are not explainable...if you had to recap the most iconic moments in sports, this had to be one of them and for a reason. When they introduce the Warriors team, you say, 'oh my gosh, there are four or five all-stars out there.' And then they introduce the Clippers team which doesn't get a lot of love in terms of special almost think 'oh my gosh, how can they compete?' Well, they CAN compete and they do compete and they've done some things this year that have been simply amazing.