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Johnny Manziel Talks AAF Folding, NFL Offers & CFL Ban

John Manzi

First of all, breaking news, Johnny Manziel is now to be addressed as John Manziel.

Manziel drives home the fact that he's still working hard and trying to keep himself ready to hit the field any time for anyone. Understanding the type of guy Manziel is, Dan Patrick asks Manziel if he could realistically be a backup quarterback despite how competitive he is. Manziel iterates that he's learned from his previous mistakes and understands where he's at in his career and wants an opportunity to showcase that.

Manziel also thinks his time in Memphis with the AAF allowed him to utilize his experience to help others and if football doesn't work out, he could see himself as an analyst for almost any sport or even being in a coaching setting.

Manziel also addresses if he received any NFL offers and why the CFL wants nothing to do with him. Here's his full interview with Dan Patrick.