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Jonas Knox & Brady Quinn's College Football Over-Unders

Time to put your money where your mouth is! Jonas Knox and Brady Quinn breakdown their OVER/UNDERs for the upcoming College Football season!

Listen to Jonas Knox & Former Notre Dame QB & 1ST Round Pick Brady Quinn Sundays

9pm-12am ET / 6pm-9pm PT 

Ohio State Football Team

Team Wins

Ohio State - 10.5 

Brady Quinn: I'll take the OVER. Even with everything they have to battle through without their coach... I still think this will be an 11+ win football team even battling through the Big-Ten east. This is a very scary-bad-mama-jama team.

Jonas Knox: I'll take the UNDER. I think they're going to win all three games without Urban Meyer, but I still say under.

Washington - 10.5 

Brady Quinn: I'll take the Under due to the Auburn game. I also think playing in Eugene is going to be a tough one. Stanford is going to be a sneaky-good team too.

Jonas Knox: I'll take the Under. I think they're going to start out 1-2 and lose at Utah 

Miami - 9.5 

Brady Quinn: I'll take the Under. High likelihood that they lose the opening game to LSU and their game against Toledo. They've also got to take on Florida State and Virginia Tech.

Jonas Knox: I'll take the Under. I agree with Brady. 

Stanford - 8.5 

Jonas Knox: OVER! They'll figure out a way to win games they shouldn't...

Brady Quinn: I'll take the Over. Their defense has some young pieces. They've got Bryce Love. He seems to find a way to battle through, but I do think they lose to Notre Dame.

Notre Dame - 9.5 

Brady Quinn: I'll take the Over, but so much rides on week 1. O-Line lost a lot, but they've recruited well. I think these guys who are replacing them are going to be good enough to get the job done. Brandon Wimbush will take that next big step as far as taking over for Quarterback for that team.

Jonas Knox: I'll take the Under.

Florida State - 7.5

Jonas Knox: OVER! I can't imagine a world where Florida State is battling for an 8th win.

Brady Quinn: I'll take the Over. Looking at their schedule, I'm sure they'll get to eight. Not sure if they'll get more than that...

UCLA - 5.5

Jonas Knox: Over. In Chip Kelly, We Trust! 

Brady Quinn: Over BUT, think about their schedule. They take on several ranked teams that could bring them five losses. Six wins could be possible but NOT seven.

Michigan - 9.5 

Jonas Knox: Over. I think this is the year for Jim Harbaugh. (Taking it on Brady's good word that they have found their quarterback.)

Brady Quinn: I'll take the Under. Don't think they can get to ten. They're riding a lot on week one and Shea Patterson.

Oklahoma - 10.5 

Jonas Knox: I'm taking the Under.

Brady Quinn: I'll take the Under. Baker Mayfield will be missed.

Hawaii - 4.5 

Jonas Knox: Give me the OVER

Brady Quinn: They've already got one win. Why not take the Over!

Lane Kiffin

Made Up College Football Over/Unders

Alabama Quarterbacks to start a game

Over/Under - 1.5 (Jonas - Over / Brady - Under)

Number of Weather Delays in Games that Brady Quinn Calls

Over/Under - .5 (Jonas - Under / Brady - Under)

SEC Teams to Make The Playoff

Over/Under - 1.5 (Jonas - Under / Brady - Under)

Number of Post Game Incidents because Lane Kiffin ran up the score

Over/Under - .5 (Jonas - Over / Brady - Under)

Jim Harbaugh Wins over Ohio State & Michigan State

Over/Under - 1.5 (Jonas - Over / Brady - Under)