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Kentucky Offers John Calipari Lifetime Contract

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Midwest Regional - Kansas City - Practice Sessions

UCLA has been in the news lately as many people have been speculating on who could take over as coach for the team and as of today, that guy will NOT be Kentucky's John Calipari according to a report through the Athletic:

UCLA offered Calipari a contract worth approximately $48 million over six years, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation. The contacts between Calipari and UCLA have been more extensive than previously reported, but Calipari told UCLA last week he is not interested in leaving Kentucky.

As a direct response to this offer, Kentucky decided to give Calipari the "kingdom" and offer him a 'lifetime contract.' Some folks may nit-pick at Calipari's career, but the wonders that he has achieved with the Wildcats is not something worth casting aside which is why the University locked him down.