Kevin Durant Seems Unsatisfied Despite Having Everything

Kevin Durant had an interview with Yahoo Sports Chris Haynes and said the following regarding what he perceives as fan/media backlash to his move to Golden State Warriors and the success the team has had up to this point:

I’ve come to the conclusion that people hate the fact that I play for the Warriors, and people hate the fact that I’m so damn good at basketball. They don’t like that combination.

And so, that brings out jealousy, envy. Even if it’s through comments, even if it’s through slick comments through the media or people testing my manhood on TV, they just cannot stand that somebody like me is so successful and doing it a way that they didn’t want me to do it.

So, it’s not my fault, when I say something, you get in your feelings. It’s that you’ve got something underlying against me already. So, no matter what I say or how I approach anything, it’s going to be a problem if I don’t agree with you, because you just don’t like me. You know what I’m saying? And that’s just the facts. A lot of people want to say facts about me, but that’s the facts.

You don’t like that I play for the Warriors and you don’t like that I’m so f—ing good at basketball. And you put those two together, and you get nothing but magic. And it’s just basketball nirvana, and people don’t like that. So, they just jealous of what I’ve got.

And I don’t mind calling you out on your bulls—.

Jonas Knox can only wonder why Kevin Durant gives the media and fans any response or fuel to their fires. Knox thinks these thoughts show that Durant is heavily bothered by what people say and despite everything, he's achieved at the mountaintop he's still unsatisfied with his grand accomplishments.

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Kevin Durant Seems Unsatisfied Despite Having Everything