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Kevin Durant Talks Spat With Draymond Green and Forgiving Him

Just over a week ago, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant clashed over what looked like a terrible play by a very capable playmaker in Draymond. What we saw versus what was said has turned out to be bigger than a simple spat as Yahoo broke the story that much more harsh things were said during that Clipper game at the end of regulation.

Green called Durant a “bitch” multiple times, sources said. In a summarized version, sources said Green shouted, “You’re a bitch and you know you’re a bitch.” The rhetoric, sources said, continued even when Kerr attempted to direct the team’s attention to his whiteboard.

Green blurted to Durant something along the lines of, “We don’t need you. We won without you. Leave,” sources said.

It didn't help that in games following this incident, the Warriors struggled against their next group of opponents taking uncharacteristic losses to teams they should've beaten. It should be noted that the team's health has also been a problem with Draymond and Curry sitting out games during this stretch plus their coach Steve Kerr not having the most positive things to say about this team mentally.  The narrative that took over the Golden State Warriors was, "Has Draymond Green officially broken up the Beatles?" 

Kevin Durant took it upon himself to address the situation in an interview with Yahoo Sports Senior NBA Insider Chris Haynes: 

Chris: So regardless of what was said...things went too far but, you forgave him?

Durant: (I forgave him) At that second. I was upset but I know I can't hold on to something like this...I know I gotta make a choice in myself like how long are you going to be upset about the point that you're going to let this affect what you do on the floor..."

Watch the interview below.