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Kobe Bryant Addresses Laker Fan Dissension Over LeBron's Arrival

Rich Eisen speaks with former NBA player and Five-Time NBA Champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant. Rich starts out asking Kobe if he still thinks about basketball and how he occupies his time these days. Kobe talks about the strides he's making to create a way to eliminate anxiety through sports and practice. Rich also asks Kobe his intentions when he sent Lakers' owner, Jeanie Buss a text of a photo of Khaleesi from Game of Thrones when she acquired LeBron James from free agency. Kobe also talks a little bit about his relationship with LeBron including what he said to him when LeBron was signed. PLUS we get Kobe's thoughts on die-hard Kobe fans being disappointed with LeBron's arrival to which Kobe's response was:

"I hear that but, If you're a fan of mine, you're a fan of winning. You're a fan of the Lakers. I bleed purple and gold, so that's above anything else. It's about winning championships, so they'll fall in line."

Rich also wonders what Kobe Bryant thinks LeBron James needs to accomplish to be viewed in a similar vein as Kobe himself to which Kobe says:

"To make any comparisons of LeBron being viewed in the same vein as me doesn't make sense. The goal is always to win championships. That's LeBron's Goal.

Rich responds with: "Does LeBron Need to win a championship here in LA?"

Kobe: "Why do people always say that? You NEED to win? And then there's like this crowd of people who are like 'you don't need to win a championship'...well you askin' ME? YOU HAVE TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. This is why we play; This is why we're here. LeBron wouldn't have come here if he didn't expect to win championships."

Rich and Kobe then get into him working with several NBA players, how often he gives thoughts on the current Lakers roster, and much more.

Listen below.

Kobe Bryant on the Rich Eisen Show