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Kobe's Infamous "No Flinch" Moment Was A Lie

I want to apologize in advance because we are about to ruin a monumental Kobe Bryant moment for you.

Trey Kerby from the Starters mentioned on Twitter how you shouldn't watch Kobe's overhead angle unless you want totally ruined for you.

NBA twitter decided to do some digging and Twitter user World_Wide_Wob located the video. 

Matt Barnes was on the Roggin and Rodney back in 2010 and said that Bryant's reaction "wasn't even human" and eventually stated that the play was the reason that he joined Kobe and the Lakers. 

Kobe Bryant once told L.A. Times that "he's crazy, but not that crazy, so i didn't bother flinching," when he was asked about the play. 

This is one of the most memorable gif's on NBA Twitter and now it will be looked as a flat out lie in many eyes. 

Photo: Getty Images