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Kyrie Irving Should Focus on Winning Games Than Throwing Tantrums

The Boston Celtics are off to a slow start with a record of 6-4 considering what's expected of a team with their caliber of talent. The other night they lost to the Denver Nuggets who are playing well and have a 9-1 record right now. 

Jamal Murray dropped 48 points on the Celtics and towards the end of the game, at the buzzer with the victory locked down, he took an unnecessary shot in an attempt to get 50 points. These shot attempts are usually frowned on and do more to add insult to a team that's already defeated. At 2:27 you can see Murray attempt that shot. Kyrie Irving wasn't happy about that at all and reacted by throwing the ball in the stands at 3:27.

Watch Below.

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker reacted to what transpired in this game. Broussard thinks if a player is that angry, he and his team should make a better effort to win that game. 

Listen below.

Kyrie Lost His Cool