Lakers Couldn't Decide on One Coach So They Hired Two Coaches

Bill Plaschke of the LA Times has been quite forward about his feelings about the Lakers choosing Frank Vogel as head coach over the weekend and detailed in his latest article what went into the Lakers decision to hire him.

Vogel may have been hired for his smart and innovative defensive ideas, something the Lakers desperately need. Yet, he hasn’t shown imagination on offense, and that might not play well in a town accustomed to the excitement of Showtime and the Lake Show.
Vogel was also seemingly hired because he is known as a nice guy who can present a calm face to the Lakers’ furious fan base. But with his personality, he has suffered from teams taking advantage of him, and this is not a good sign on a team with the most controlling player in basketball history in James, plus a locker room full of upstart and entitled kids.

Plaschke also felt that Lakers' insistence in having Jason Kidd on staff seems like plan B to their current plan A:

Although Kidd was officially hired to be an assistant, it looks like he is here to become the next head coach when Vogel stumbles. This could make for awkward chemistry on the bench and uncertainty in the locker room.

Plaschke explains further to Dan Patrick in the interview below how the Lakers seemed unsure about who they really wanted to helm the Lakers gig going forward so having both of them on staff seems like a trial by fire and Vogel is first up.

Listen Below.