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LeBron James Will Reportedly Start at Point Guard For Lakers Next Season

People like LeBron are good at adapting.

LeBron James will reportedly be used as a point guard in the upcoming NBA season according to Yahoo Sports:

The new-look Los Angeles Lakers are heading into the 2019-20 season with the intention of starting LeBron James at point guard, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Colin Cowherd believes this transition for LeBron James is nothing new as he and many others like him are very adaptable as times change. Cowherd explains that if you look at his businesses and the way he plays the game, this is a perfect move for him.

Colin Cowherd: When I look at LeBron, he doesn't have what I consider to be a dangerous personality trait. Maybe this used to be a great personality trait, but it's a dangerous trait now: romanticizing the past, not willing to change. LeBron moving to point guard, I'm like, 'This will be great!' He's got bigs, he's got wings and Lakers signed a bunch of shooters. I think it will be easy.

Hear more from Cowherd in the audio above.