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Lincoln Riley Explains Kyler Murray's Awkward Interview

Dan Patrick had on Oklahoma Sooners head coach, Lincoln Riley who talked in depth about Kyler Murray, Charley Casserly's criticism of Kyler and his last conversation with Arizona Cardinals Head Coach, Kliff Kingsbury.

Here's what Riley had to say regarding the awkward interview Kyler Murray had with Dan Patrick.

Dan Patrick - There are a lot of scouts (NFL Combine) and even front office folks who were passing around the interview I did with Kyler Murray at the Super Bowl. Of course, that didn't go well, I don't know if you saw it...or did you see it?
Lincoln Riley - He (Kyler) told me about it.
Dan Patrick - What did he say?
Lincoln Riley - Well, he was in a tough position, you know, cos he hadn't made up his mind yet. He's such a good kid, and he doesn't want to lie or tell anything wrong, and so it was a tough position for him. I think that's part of the reason he was ready to just get this decision made due to the constant back and forth and not really being able to talk about one or the other.