Luke Walton Is In Danger of Losing His Job

Colin Cowherd discusses the very real possibility that there's trouble in paradise for LeBron James and Luke Walton. LA Lakers have struggled heavily, and there's a good chance that Walton's job is on the line even more than before if he can't lift this Lakers team over some of the weaker teams around the league.

The Lakers have been without some of their stars this season and not having LeBron James in the line-up is a big loss for any team with him on the roster but ultimately, lacking James should make the more challenging teams the biggest problem. Colin Cowherd mentions that since they lost LeBron, Lakers have lost to the New York Knicks and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cowherd describes these teams as tanking hence there's no excuse for that especially since those games were home games.

Is Luke Walton's job in jeopardy tonight against the Bulls?

Colin Thinks so. Listen below.

Luke Walton Could Lose His Job

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