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Magic Johnson Needs To Be Patient with Luke Walton and the Lakers

A story got out regarding Magic Johnson giving warning to Lakers head coach Luke Walton over the less-than-stellar start for the Los Angeles Lakers. The arrival of LeBron James to the Lakers puts a different kind of pressure on everybody involved. It would be no surprise that Magic, like many people in his position before him, could try to do everything possible to fix the leak in the pipes by hammering the hole shut but a quick fix could be more damaging and firing Luke Walton seems exactly like that.

Dan Patrick said the following: If you're a Laker fan, you have to have patience with this. BUT IT'D HELP IF MAGIC HAD PATIENCE TO SAY, "Hey we're a work in progress here. The final product is not going to look like this." But it's this panic and "Hey we LOST a couple...OH NO!" It's a whole new roster here!"

Watch more of Patrick had to say below.