Moments In Sports That Would Have Been Hot Takes 10 Years Ago

These days people are so afraid to have a strong opinion because social media will brand it a hot take. The 10 Year Challenge has everyone taking a photo from 10 years ago and presenting it side by side with a current photo so this prompted Colin Cowherd to put together his version of the 10 Year Challenge based on big moments in sports right now that would have been considered hot takes ten years ago. 

Listen to the audio below and follow along!

1. The Patriots Dynasty will Last 10 years and Tom Brady will still be an MVP at 40.

Tom Brady

2. Tony Romo will only appear in a Super Bowl as an announcer. 

Tony Romo

3. The NFL's best future coach is a 22-year-old assistant in Tampa...his name is Sean McVay

Sean McVay

4. Davidson Junior Steph Curry will revolutionize the NBA.

Stephen Curry

5. Centers in the NBA will become irrelevant.

Dwight Howard

6. LeBron James will join the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James

7. Tiger Woods will never win another major.

Tiger Woods

8. The Cubs will become one of baseball's best franchises. 

Chicago Cubs

9. Clemson will blow out Alabama to win 'College Football Playoff' and then get served McDonald's by President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

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